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Why is Pole Dancing Sexualized?

Why is Pole Dancing Sexualized

Pole dancing has been around for years and it has become increasingly popular in recent years, with men and women of all ages and body types taking up the practice. But along with this newfound popularity has come a sexualized view of the sport and it is often seen as “bad” or inappropriate.

So, why is pole dancing sexualized? There are a number of reasons with the main reason being it is often confused with stripping which also involves using poles to dance, hence it is easy to misjudge this as the popularity of stripping is far greater than of pole dancing. 

Some other reasons include media, the history of the activity, and the way it is often taught and performed.

Is Pole Dancing Bad?

While there is nothing wrong with enjoying pole dancing as a form of exercise, most people consider pole dancing as “inappropriate”  due to the fact that when someone mentions pole dancing the first thing that comes to their mind is women erotically dancing on poles to attract men. 

Is Pole Dancing Bad

This is because of its western origins where circuses used sticks and women would dance to seductively on top of them to attract their customers. 

It then became a popular way to make a profit among clubs and bars. With time more and more people started this as a hobby and it became a form of physical fitness rather than striping. 

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However, pole dancers considered it to be more of a fitness approach rather than striping. Pole dancing is great for the body and helps stay in shape and get some exercise, plus it’s really fun and is not done for profit.

Pole Dancing vs Stripping: What is the Difference?

People pole dance as a fitness activity or as a hobby and sometimes just for the thrill of it, but stripping is entirely different. People choose this as a career rather than doing it for fitness or fun. 

When performing as a stripper, they do not strip as they dance and instead, they will encourage their audience to get private rooms where they can do the stripping. Otherwise, they will be performing dance moves on the pole. 

Now for some similarities; 

Pole Dancing vs Stripping

Both pole dancing and stripping is often considered dangerous as there is always a possibility of falling down from those 9 foot long poles and seriously injuring yourself. Both are also considered as feminist as well.  

Both involve pole tricks such as spins and floorwork and dancers need to wear shorts to get a grip on the pole.

Pole DancingStripping
People choose this as a hobbyPeople choose this as a career path
Paying to learn pole dancing and equipment Getting paid for pole dancing
Less pressure when performing in front of peopleMore pressure when performing in front of people

Is Pole Dance Slutty?

Pole dancing originated from stripping, so it is fair that people think of pole dancing to be slutty, however pole dancing has evolved from its original state where the purpose of doing it has now changed

It takes great strength and skill to hold up your weight and engage your whole body in performing complex dances. All this is done for one’s own fun and fitness.

To avoid sliding off the pole, skin contact needs to be made with the pole. So wearing fewer clothes is the best option when pole dancing and since the clothing  typically worn by pole dancers is revealing it is often considered to be sexy or slutty.

Considering the different aspects of pole dancing the purpose of doing it can determine whether it is slutty or not. 

What Do Guys Think Of Pole Dancing?

Most guys enjoy watching pole dancing because they get turned on watching women dancing on poles even though pole dancing is different from stripping.

Some men find pole dancing interesting and even engage in the activity for fitness or as a hobby. While some men do not find pole dancing amusing or sexual attractive either.

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Pole dancing is sexualized because it is mistaken for its origin. The difference between pole dancing and stripping is not properly seen by people and they come to their judgment quickly, deciding that pole dancing is the same as stripping. 

People need to be enlightened that these two have different purposes. However, with time more and more people are becoming aware and it will be accepted sooner than later, hopefully within the decade.