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The Best Stripper Poles | Free Standing and Portable Stages

So, you’re looking for the best stripping pole. Whether you’re an experienced stripper or just getting started, choosing the correct stripper pole is vital. After all, this pole needs to support your full bodyweight as you dance.

In this article, we review some of the best stripper poles on the market. Some are freestanding, while others are fixed between the ceiling and floor. All poles in this guide can be customized for different widths, weights, widths, materials, and coatings.

Whether you want a stand alone stripper pole for home or professional use, this guide introduces the top products currently on the market. We start with our favourite, and then work our way down.

If you want the quick info – the X-Pole Stage and X-Pole Xpert Pro are our two top choices, depending on whether you want a freestanding stripping pole or one that attaches to the ceiling.

Best Stripper Poles

  1. X-Pole XPERT PRO
  2. X-Pole Stage
  3. Lupit Pole Classic G2
  4. X-Pole SPORT (Static Only)
  5. Lil Mynx Rotator Dance Pole


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If you want floor-to-ceiling stripper pole, X-Pole’s latest offering is our top choice. Simply put, the quality is hard to beat. We also love how easy it is to swap between spin and static mode, which is thanks to the X-LOCK base.

The pole uses X-JOINT technology, which makes it incredibly easy to install in just a few minutes. Furthermore, no additional tools or ladders are needed to install it. You can simply adjust the height of the pole from the base.

As a pole dancer, you will have likely experienced rough poles that are unpleasant to dance on. This is simply not the case with X-Pole, thanks to there being no transition tubes attached.

You have the option between 40mm and 45mm thickness, while you can lengthen the pole from 2275mm to 2770mm. Oh, and you can get an additional extension to get the height up to 3395mm.

2. X-Pole X-Stage

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Some of you will prefer a freestanding stripper stage. If so, the X-Stage is the easy winner. It comes from one of the biggest and most respected companies in the game, who have a long history when it comes to proving gear that you can depend on.

You actually have two portable stripper stages to choose from, which are the normal version and the Lite version. As the name suggest, the Lite is a lighter and smaller version of the X-Stage.

Just like with a normal pole, you can set the pole to spin on the stage or stage fixed in one spot. If that doesn’t offer enough customization, you can increase it further with a choice of finishes and pole widths. There are a number of options available, including the brass stripper pole.

The stripper stages have some of the most stable bases you can find. The standard model has a base height of 320mm, whereas the Lite version is much shorter at just 110mm high. They give 10ft of height, so e sure to only get one if you have the room for it.

3. Lupit Pole Classic G2

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Another favorite company for strippers poles is a specialist calle Lupit Pole. They offer a number of types for any situation, but our top choice has to be the Lupit Pole Classic G2.

The pole has to be fixed into position between both the floor and ceiling. But it’s no trouble, as the box contains everything needed to get set-up without too much trouble.

It’s capable of being changed between the static and spin modes, although models before the G2 cannot do this. It starts from 2100mm high, and then can be extended to an impressive 2800mm.

The stripper pole bar can be found in to widths, which are 42mm and 45mm. The 42mm is perfect for people who can’t decide whether to  get the 40mm or 45mm.

4. X-Pole SPORT (Static Only)

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If you’re fine with a stripper pole that doesn’t spin, the X-Pole Sport is a great choice. This is a static pole without spin capabilities, which makes it a much cheaper option. So if you have a cheap stripper pole, this is a good choice.

It can be used by either beginners or professionals, although more experienced individuals may want to use a stripper pole that rotates.

The removable stripper pole can be removed from the floor with just a few small stops. It shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes. No permanent fixtures need to be made to ceiling.

The extremely portable stripping pole can be broke into a number of smaller sections for easy travelling to and from sessions. If you don’t travel much, then at least you can save on storage space.

Like the others, this is a bespoke stripper pole. It’s available in 6 different finishes and three different widths. Click on the link to learn more about this static stripper pole.

5. Lil Mynx Rotator Dance Pole

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The final stripper pole in this guide is the Lil Minx Rotator Dance Pole. Although it has a cheeky name, Lil Mynx provides dance equipment that you can trust.

The Lil Minx pole spins remarkably freely and smoothly, which makes it a pleasure to dance on. In fact, this is why it is called for Rotator.

What’s great is that you can instantly swap to a static pole with one click of the button found on the base.

The one downside to using this pole is that you need to fix a permanent attachment to your ceiling. It’s not too bad though, as it’s only a small hook. Your ceiling needs to be between 8ft and 10ft to use this stripper pole.

The pole is available in 45mm and 50mm, which is perfect for those who want a thicker pole to grip.