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Do Stripper Poles Spin?

do stripper poles spin

This is a question that I get a lot. People are curious about stripper poles and they want to if they spin.

Do stripper poles spin?

Why yes, they do! In fact, stripper poles are DESIGNED to spin. This is because spinning is a very efficient way to move your body and to stay in one place. When you spin around a pole, you can move your body in a way that is both seductive and physically challenging.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the science behind stripper poles AKA spinning poles and how these stripper poles rotate

Do Stripper Poles Spin?

Yes, stripper poles does spin!

There are two types of dance poles, spinning poles and static poles. Most strippers use SPINNING poles and these can rotate while static poles does not rotate.

Stripper poles were created with the intention of spinning even with dancers atop them. 

The reason for this is that there is a lot of momentum involved whenever it is time for the pole dancers to start spinning. They would not know how fast to spin or how much force to apply if they were standing motionless, which would make it SUPER difficult for them to get started.

stripper spinning
Stripper spinning

On the other hand, more recent stripper poles come equipped with a locking screw at the pole’s base, which STOPS it from spinning. The locking screw can be turned in either direction to lock or unlock the pole, depending on your preferences. 

By keeping the pole from spinning when it is not in use, this fantastic feature will help you get the most use out of your best stripper pole by maximizing its potential.

What is a Spinning Pole?

A spinning pole can be thought of as the counterpart to a static pole. These are designed to spin in the same direction as your movement when used. 

Because of the force that your movements are applying to the pole, the pole will begin to spin in response to the pull. That provides you with an added momentum, which, if you don’t have sufficient practice, has the potential to spiral out of control.

Spinning is made much simpler because of the assistance provided by the pole, and you’ll have the impression that you’re flying within minutes. However, precautions need to be followed to avoid injury.

How Does a Spinning Pole Work?

A spinning pole spins because the dancers’ rotation causes it to do so. Spinning pole are not fixed but moves with the dancer’s movements.

When you dance, the pace at which your body swings from side to side changes depending on which way you’re turning. It’s all about the movement of your feet and your body as you move forward and backwards. The spinning pole is propelled by this mechanism.

stripper poles does rotate

When a dancer performs a spin, the first thing that happens is that their feet move faster than normal. Their agility and speed increase as a result of this. For extended lengths of time, they prefer to lean back slightly when spinning so that they don’t feel exhausted or lose control of their actions.

Static vs Spinning Pole

Whether you prefer to use a static or spinning pole, certain aspects of each can improve your experience. 

Here are a few distinctions between the two poles that will help you make the best choice for your specific situation and needs.

  • Strippers utilize spinning poles, which revolve as you dance, to perform quick movements that are impossible to do on a standard static pole. 
  • Spinning poles require more maintenance than static poles since they are harder to keep in good condition due to their design.
  • With static, you have complete control; you learn how the pole functions, how the movements function, and how your body responds to the pole, which is not achievable with spinning poles.
  • When it comes to cost, static poles are normally less expensive than spinning poles, but if you need them to be particularly long or tall, they might be problematic.
  • Once a spinning pole gets going, it could become challenging since it might want to spin away from your hands. Static poles, which do not move, have a lower probability of this happening.  

Stick to a static dancing pole and save your money if you don’t plan on taking the sport seriously or if the idea of rotating around at dizzying speeds makes you queasy just thinking about it.

And of course, if you have trouble making decisions or you just like to keep your options open, you should go with a spinning pole because it can always be changed into a stationary one. This is a great option for people who are unsure of what they want. 

Can You Spin on a Static Pole?

Strippers cannot spin on a static pole because the pole does not rotate unlike spinning poles.

Most beginners start off with static poles because there won’t be any spinning and it won’t affect their balance and throw them off, which is very helpful in the beginning. Some times the speed might even scare first time dancers.

Most spinning poles have the option to lock the pole so that it won’t spin thus making it a static pole.

How Do Static Poles Work?

Static poles work by giving you more control over your body as it moves across the floor during dance classes or performances. The pole isn’t attached to you, but rather to a wall or ground pole. You can move freely without worrying about falling while learning body movements. 

How to Make a Static Pole Spin

Unfortunately you cannot make a static pole spin. If these have a lock option, then you could unlock it and it should spin.