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Best Dance Pole for Home Use

So, you’re looking for the best dance pole for home use. Whether you usually train at a local studio or just want to learn from scratch in the comfort of your own home, you need a pole that will allow you to enjoy your dancing and enhance your performance. But where to buy a pole for pole dancing at home?

Thankfully, the new technology means using a pole in your home is very simple. It is a very simply process that won’t damage your décor (phew).

This article will give a run-down of the top pole dancing poles for home. You will discover a range of different poles, which will help you to find the perfect pole for your own specific needs. This list contains the best poles that are held in place by tension and pressure, but you may also want to view our recommended freestanding poles.

Best Dance Pole for Home Use

  1. X-Pole XPERT PRO
  2. Lupit Pole Classic G2
  3. X-Pole Stage
  4. X-Pole SPORT (Static Only)
  5. Lil Mynx Rotator Dance Pole


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We have a winner! The X-Pole XPERT PRO is the latest pole from a well-known brand.

Here we have the latest version from X-Pole’s XPERT range. Like with other X-Pole products, this pole has an impressive performance, which makes it our favorite dance pole on the market. Like a home pole should, the XPERT PRO can be switched between static and spin with a simply twist of the base, which is known as the X-LOCK.

The X-JOINT technology means this pole is easy and simply to install. You can adjust the height from the base of the pole, which means no ladders are needed. We also love that there is no transition where the tubes attach, which creates one smooth pole. This really is the perfect pole for pole enthusiasts of all skill levels. The pole is available in 40mm and 45mm. It can extend from 2275mm to 2770mm, and there are extensions you can buy to reach up to 3395mm.

2. Lupit Pole Classic G2

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Lupit Pole recently released their high-performance G2 pole with spin capabilities.

Another favorite company of ours is Lupit Pole. They make a range of poles for multiple situations, but our favorite is the Lupit Pole Classic G2. It is held in place between the floor and ceiling. But don’t worry – the box contains everything needed to get set-up in minutes.

Just like the X-Pole, this pole can be switched between static and spin (the G1 model couldn’t do this, which is why the G2 was born). It is extendable from 2100mm to 2800mm, and there are extensions available for those who have high ceilings. You can get the bar in wither 42mm or 45mm, which is great for those who can’t decide between 40mm and 45mm. Another feature worth mentioning about this pole dancing kit for home is the patented safety block nut that secures the pole with ease.

3. X-Pole X-Stage

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X-Pole offer two freestanding dance pole stages, which are known as the X-Stage and X-Stage Lite.

If you would prefer a freestanding pole, the X-Stage comes out as the winner! As one of the most well-known and respected companies in the industry, X-Pole have a long history of providing the top-tier pole equipment for home use.

You have two platforms to choose from, which are known as the X-Stage and X-Stage Lite. Like you may guess, the Lite is a lighter and shorter version of the standard X-Stage.

Like all good home fitness poles, the stages can be used in either “spin” mode or “static” mode, which can be adjusted in seconds. For an even more person touch, you can choose between a range of different finishes and diameters.

Both stages feature large bases remain stable, although the standard X-Stage is the most stable. The X-Stage has a base height of 320mm, whereas the X-Stage Lite has a much shorter height of 110mm. In total the stages give 10ft of height, so make sure you have enough space. You could also purchase extension pieces if you want a pole longer than 10ft.

Both are great poles for indoor home pole dancing, but the X-Stage Lite is best suited for indoor use over flat ground.

4. X-Pole SPORT (Static Only)

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Here we have another pole from X-Pole. It is static only, but the more affordable option.

Here we have another X-Pole pole. The SPORT range is a static pole that doesn’t spin, which makes it a much more affordable option. If you don’t need spin capabilities, this is the one to get.

It’s a great pole for professionals and amateurs alike, although professionals may want a dance pole that can spin. The removable dance pole can be removed with ease (will only take about 5 minutes). Oh, and you don’t have to make any permanent fixtures to your ceiling!

We appreciate that the pole breaks-down into multiple pieces, which is great for those who value portability. The carry case only increases the portability further, which also allows a place to store the pole when not in use. You need a minimum ceiling height of 7’4″ and a maximum ceiling height of 9’ (extensions are available). It’s available in 6 different finishes and three different widths. Click on the link to learn more about this static home dance pole.

5. Lil Mynx Rotator Dance Pole

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The Lil Mynx pole has a button on the base to switch the pole between static and spin.

With a cheeky name, Lil Mynx is another company that produces high-quality dance poles for home use. This “Rotator” Dance Pole is aptly named with a unique base that allows the pole to spin smoothly. But don’t worry – you can push the button on the base of the pole to turn the pole into a static pole.

Although removable, the one-piece pole requires a permanent mount on your ceiling. However, this is only a small hook that won’t damage your décor. The minimum meaning height is 8ft, while the maximum ceiling height is 10ft. Those with a ceiling between 9ft and 10ft will need to purchase the optional extension piece that Lil Mynx provides. The pole is available in 45mm and 50mm, which is perfect for those who want a thicker pole to grip.

What are the different types of dance pole?

Now, there are actually multiple types of home dance pole for sale on the market, even stripper pole for house. So, what are these poles and what is the difference between them?

  1. Poles held in place between the floor and ceiling with pressure
  2. Poles that use a permanent ceiling mount to hold the bar between the floor and ceiling
  3. Freestanding poles that are held in place by a heavy base. These poles don’t attach to the ceiling or floor. In fact, they can even be used outdoors


Some home dancing poles are held in place by pressure between the floor and ceiling. This is the most popular type of dance pole for sale. You would expect a dance pole to damage your home, but this is not the case with a removable pole dancing pole. You don’t even need a ladder or any tools to erect the pole.

Permanent Ceiling Mount

If you have the perfect place for your pole, and don’t mind it being up 100% of the time, then a permanent ceiling mount can be a good idea. This will allow hardcore pole-enthusiasts to have a quick dance whenever they feel like it. However, this solution will result in some damage to your ceiling, so think carefully before buying this option.


You also have the option of a freestanding pole that isn’t attached to the floor or ceiling. Instead, this type of pole is fixed to a heavy base that can be moved from room to room, or even used outdoors! Although not quite as stable as a permanent ceiling pole, a freestanding pole still offers enough stability to dance with confidence and freedom.

What else is there to consider?

Weight limit – Poles have a weight limit. Most poles are capable of holding the majority of the population, but if you’re heavier than average, you’ll need to double-check the weight capacity of the pole. Also remember that the force generated from dancing to put extra force on the pole, so you may want to go or a pole with a large weight capacity.

Width – Poles can be found in a number of different widths to suit hands of all sizes. The most commonly used size is 45mm, as it is a good all-rounder. Most competitions use 45mm poles too, so it makes sense to use the same pole in your home or studio.

Material – Pole dancing poles for home come in a huge range of different materials and finishes. This means that different poles give different amount of grip and performance.  The X-Pole company offers the most materials/finishes, with the following all being available: brass, chrome, stainless steel, silicone, powder-coated finish, and titanium gold.

Price – You need to take your personal budget into account while looking for a dancing pole for home use. Typically, a dance pole will cost a few hundred dollars, but they can be found for less and more than this. Freestanding poles cost more. In fact, the X-Pole Stage will set you back over $500, although we believe this still represents fair value for what you get.

What are the benefits?

Pole fitness is becoming more and more popular every year. With so many benefits to pole dancing at home, we can see why! It is a great full-body exercise that will improve your core strength, while simultaneously improving your flexibility. For those who want to get into shape but hate the gym, pole fitness can be a great option. It’s also a fun activity that you can progress in. Frequent progression will do wonders for your mental health and positivity.

How do you install a dance pole in your home?

There are three things you need to consider before installing your home pole dancing kit. Many people rush to install their pole, only to regret the location.

Locate a beam – For maximum security and safety, the pole should be placed below an area of beam support. The location of your pole should be solid, and not a hollow ceiling that could become damaged under pressure.

Find a large space – It goes without saying, but you need a large space if you’re going to be able to complete all moves with freedom. As such, take your time when deciding where to place your in home dance pole. The last thing you want to do is get your pole set-up, jump on it, and then hit your foot on the TV as you swing around – oops!

The pole should be level – All good dance poles should be exactly vertical. A pole that is leaning to one side will be awkward for you to dance around.  As such, get your spirit level out to ensure your pole is level. You may need some help with this step.

How to get the best from your home pole

In order to have fun and get the best from your pole dance pole for home, there are a few things to keep in mind. If this is something that you haven’t done before, please may extra attention to the following tips:

Pick a good teacher – As a beginner, you need a teacher that you can trust to teach you the correct moves. Fortunately, there are a lot of online classes and DVDs to get you going. Click here to view our recommended online pole dance lessons. Good instructors have a wealth of knowledge and are able to communicate clearly.

Be prepared for your new hobby – Pole dancing is a strenuous activity that will test your endurance. As such, ensure you are prepared for what is to come, although the hobby will quickly become your new love.

Dress appropriately – Whether you’re looking for a fitness pole or in home stripper poles, you do not need to wear a bikini when on the pole, even if you want strip poles for home. Those kind of skimpy outfits are usually only worn during performances. All you need is some workout clothes that keep you cool and allow your skin to make contact with the pole. Most women wear shorts, sports bra, and comfortable footwear (or barefoot). Professionals and those with experiences tend to wear heels on their feet.

Take it a step at a time – As with any new life pursuit, it is important to take pole dancing step by step. The basic moves must be mastered before the technical moves are attempted. I mean, you can try a few for fun, but maintaining correct form is the best way to progress. Remember – have fun!

Avoid applying any lotions – The dancing pole for home use needs to be kept clean at all times. As much as we like to keep our skin soft to the touch, applying moisturizer before getting on the pole is a bad idea. This may leave residue on the pole and make it hard to grip.


How much does a dance pole cost?

The price of a pole dancing pole for home will depend on the quality and type of pole that you want to buy. Typically, poles can be found from $100 to $500. You may be able to find one cheaper, but we don’t recommend going cheap when it comes to your pole. You need a dance pole that you can trust, and most products are cheap for a reason.  The poles in this review cost a few hundred dollars, which is the golden price point for a pole that represents both quality and value.

Is pole dancing at home a good workout?

Anyone that has taken a pole dancing lesson will know just how tiring they can be! You can choose to have an easy session for fun, a session to learn technical skills, and a session designed to burn as many calories as possible. As well as strength, pole fitness will allow your body to stretch, which will increase your level of flexibility. It’s not strange for women to suddenly feel confident and sexy once they start pole fitness class. Just like with any sport, frequent practice of pole dancing will allow you to get better and fitter over time.

Can a dance pole be installed in an apartment?

Installing a dance pole in an apartment is similar to installing a dance pole in a house. You just need to ensure that you follow the steps above for installing the best dance pole for apartment. However, some of you may be renting your apartment and don’t want to damage the ceiling or floor. If this is the case, then you would be better off using a freestanding pole, like the X-Pole Stage.


So, those are our best dance poles for home use. There are poles held in place by pressure, freestanding poles, and poles that attach to the ceiling permanently, although our list didn’t include the latter. The X-Pole XPERT PRO is our favorite floor-to-ceiling pole, while the X-Pole stage is our favorite freestanding pole.