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Best Online Pole Dancing Lessons

The world of pole dancing can be intimidating and overwhelming. The best way to get started is to attend your local pole class. However, not everyone has this luxury. You may even be too nervous to attend class in person.

Fortunately, you can learn pole dancing online by using the best online pole dance lessons. This will allow you to practise in the comfort of your own home and at a time that suits your schedule. You can simply click “play” and get started!

We have created to list too highlight the best online pole dancing lessons for your specific needs. The following classes allow you to have lifetime access the lessons, so you can repeat any lesson that you need extra help with. Without further ado, let’s jump into the guide.

Best Online Pole Dancing Lessons

  1. X-Pole TV
  2. OpenDance Academy
  3. Danna’s Online Pole Dancing Course

1. X-Pole TV

We have a winner! X-Pole TV has 1000+ lessons from some of the world’s best pole dancers.

Sellers of aerial and pole equipment, X-Pole has now launched a video series too. X-Pole TV gives full online access to a range of DVD lessons, which includes the famous “The Art of Pole” by Jamilla Deville (perhaps the most well-known professional dancer in the world).

You get access to a range of online pole lessons, with each set of classes getting more and more difficult to adjust to your new skills. Jamilla will even showcase her skills in unique routines to spark your inspirations and motivation. The warm-up and cool-down routines are also important sessions that shouldn’t be skipped.

What’s great is that you can access the videos via your desktop, TV, or any other device. With 1000+ lessons, X-Pole TV is all you need to take your pole dancing skills from beginner to expert. Oh, and members get exclusive discounts on X-Pole equipment!

2. OpenDance Academy

Experts in dance, this academy provides 450+ lessons with a lifetime access option.

Another great course that features world-famous dancers is the OpenDance Academy. Teachers include: Jamilla Deville, Evgeny Greshilov, Yvonne Smink, Maddie Sparkle and more! The course has 450+ lessons, which is enough to transform your skills to an advanced level. Their websites works on all devices, including laptop, mobile, and desktop.

The pole dancing lessons online can be found in a range of prices. Individual trial classes are $40, while full courses are $199 or $250. The lifetime access for $350 offers for the most value, which gives access to hundreds of classes at any time you want.

3. Danna’s Online Pole Dancing Course

This course is great for beginners and those on a budget.

This is a great pole dancing course for beginners. You get lifetime access to over 130 lessons. All videos are clear and easy to follow, so you can follow along in your own time.

What’s great about this course is that you can have personal contact with Danna herself. So if you have any questions or need any help, you can simply send an email.

As well as being great for beginners, this is an affordable pole dancing course at only $47 for full-access!

How to get the best from your online class

In order to correctly learn pole dance online, there are many things to consider. You need to make sure that you have a safe set-up that will allow you to learn comfortably and effectively.

Use the correct pole

The pole is just as important as the pole dancing video lessons you buy. As such, make sure to get a professional pole from a well-trusted company like X-Pole. You can view our recommend home poles here. All poles in that guide will be perfect to use while going through the pole dancing instructional videos. If you do need a pole, it can be a good idea to first purchase the X-Pole course membership, which will then give you access to exclusive offers.

Choose a spacious area

There will be certain moves in the pole dancing class video that will require you to stretch your limbs and swing around the pole. As such, you will need a lot of space to practise properly. You can create an area by placing a mat on the floor, and then walking in a circle around the mat with your arms stretched out. You may need to rearrange furniture if you come into contact with anything. Alternatively, you can use a freestanding pole to pole dance outdoors.

Crash mat

It’s important to stay safe when pole dancing. We always recommend individuals to use crash mats when learning how to dance from home. You’re not in a studio, so you’ll need to take extra precautions when getting on your pole. Crash mats will prevent bruises if you take an unexpected fall.

The disadvantages of online lessons

Although online pole fitness classes are excellent, they aren’t for everyone. Nothing beats a one-on-one fitness class with a professional teacher. They will be able to give you personalized advice that you can immediately act on to perfect your technique.

Paying for a physical studio class holds you accountable. When you have online lessons at your disposable, it’s easy to say “I’ll do it tomorrow”. Alternatively, you’re forced to attend classed that you have paid for.

Most pole-enthusiasts will benefit from taking online classes AND pole dancing classes near me (you). You can practise at home, and then attend classes for personalized advice. Attending classes will also allow you to socialize and make new friends, if that is something you would enjoy.


The benefits of online pole fitness lessons are clear to see. We love that you can take a class at any time and any place. You can also repeat classes and control the pace of the lesson, which is impossible to do in real life.

Think of the money savings too! You can get lifetime access to a full course of lessons for the same price as a couple of studio classes.  This is why we recommend beginners to start with a few online classes to wet their feet. Once you have a good understanding of pole dancing, you can then get personalised help from a professional instructor.

With so many online pole dancing classes on the market, it can be hard to pick just one. All three companies in this review offer high-quality classes that will allow you to learn pole dancing in the safety of your own home. Our number choice is X-Pole TV,  who offer 1000+ lessons from some of the world’s best pole dancers.