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Best Pole Dancing Shoes For Beginners (And Buyers Guide)

Best Pole Dancing Shoes For Beginners

Pole dancing has become really popular among both men and women. But it’s not for the lightest of hearts. To excel in this acrobatic and erotic sport, you must be confident and self-esteemed. 

And what lifts your confidence better than a pair of comfortable dancing shoes that will let you show off your best curves and moves with so much ease?

As a beginner, shopping for a good pair of pole dancing shoes will be exhausting as well as intimidating. You will try on many different types of shoes, let it be boots or sandals, with various heel heights and bring home one or two that captured your heart. 

Yet, you wouldn’t notice all their flaws until after you started practicing on a pole with your newest heels. 

Because of this very reason, we did all the hard work for you and found 7 best pole dancing shoes for beginners to let you slide into pole dancing much more effortlessly. 

In this post, I’ll talk about why heels are the best for pole dancers, how to choose a good pair of pole dancing shoes, and the best pole dancing shoes we found at Walmart. 

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Why Should You Wear Heels?

Firstly, heels will make you look sexy and give you long, elongated legs. It will let you grab the pole at a much higher level and provide leg space for you to move effortlessly. 

Plus, it will improve your posture and make you stand straight and higher, adding flair to your every move.

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How To Choose Pole Dancing Shoes For Beginners

You must have noticed that almost all the pole dancers are wearing uncomfortable-looking high heels when they are performing. 

They might look uncomfortable, but a good pair of shoes will give the dancer some much-needed confidence to top their performance. It all depends on how much work you put into becoming a pro at walking on heels. 

How To Choose Pole Dancing Shoes

But don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t matter how much you wear heels in your everyday life. Pole dancing shoes are different and will leave you swaying from side to side as if you’re wearing them for the first time. 

Suppose you haven’t bought a good pair of shoes for your first dance practice. In that case, you may fail again to the level where you will reconsider your decision to become a pole dancer. 

And that is why it is critical that you identify all the key characteristics of a good pair of shoes. 


Being a pole dancer, you will lift your body off the ground with the sole help of the pole to bring out some of the most exotic dance moves.

Initially, an additional 100g of the shoes will not look like much, but on stage, this weight will weigh down on you more than you would imagine. 

Therefore, choosing the lightest weight pair of shoes will give you a better shot at finding your rhythm faster. 

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Avoiding heavy metallic shoes or ones with metal platforms or heels will be the best method of choosing a pair of lightweight shoes. 

Opting for hard plastic shoes is also a good option as they are not only durable and lightweight, they are easy on your feet as well. 

Fits Perfectly 

If the shoe starts sliding off your foot as you do pole movements, it will be uncomfortable and annoying. Not only will you have to hold yourself up, but you will also have to balance yourself on an unsteady pair of shoes. 

Therefore, before buying any shoe from any brand – no matter how significant and widespread it is – you must make sure that the shoe you selected fits ideally and is hard on your feet and that neither the shoe nor your toes are slippery or sliding off.

The best thing you could do is selecting a pair with ankle straps or lase. Anything that will give you a chance to tie the shoe to your foot without letting it slide off will do the work, at least until you become a pro at handling other types of shoes. 

Size Of The Shoe

The shoe must fit you like a glow to give you that confidence to lift your body off the ground and safely put yourself back on your feet without being doubtful if you will topple over. 

Pole dancing shoes indeed fit differently compared to the street heels you wear every day. Your regular shoe size may look somewhat bigger when it comes to dancing shoes. 

As you move around the pole regularly, the shoe will start to wear and stretch a bit after some time. 

To avoid the chance of it becoming too big, you may want to consider buying one size smaller than your regular shoe size

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Even though the shoe may be a bit smaller than you would prefer, it will stretch out and sniggle your feet like a glove on your hand with time. 

Pole Dancing Shoes For Beginners (With A Surprising Twist)

No more being intimidated by all the different shapes, sizes, and materials of pole dancing shoes on the internet. 

We found the following 7 pairs of pole dancing shoes at Walmart, and without a doubt, these are some of the best, most comfortable shoes you will ever find. 

Pleaser Delight – 1010

This is a sexy black ankle boot with a patent and shiny finish. But the corset-style back and under-sole red lacing stand out the most in this ankle boot. 

We all know that red and black together give out the most exotic feelings, so wearing this heel shouldn’t be any different. 

Pleaser Delight – 1010

Apart from that, this shoe comes with a 6″ inch heel and a 1 ¾” platform base, giving any beginner a good height. 

It doesn’t come with an uncomfortably tall heel when you are still learning how to stand on such high stilettos. Additionally, it also has a zip closure inside the shoe. 

Pleaser Delight 1010 is the most matching pair of pole dancing shoes if you’re going for a sassy, hot look with extreme comfortability. If you have a shoe size between 6 and 14, you are lucky enough to own one of these!

Pleaser Adore – 701LG

Are you a girl with a love for glittery holographic textures? Then Pleaser Adore 701LG is the best pair of pole dance shoes to start off your pole dancing journey. 

This has a 7″ inch heel with a 2 ¾” platform slide and an open-toe design. The slide’s height will not make you feel like you are standing right on your toes because of the platform. It comes with a broad transparent strap on the front. 

Pleaser Adore – 701LG

Now you may wonder if it will slide off your foot because there is nothing to secure it to the foot. But not to worry, this transparent strap on the front will hug your foot and keep the shoe in place when you’re making your moves. 

This shoe also comes in various colors, such as black, blue, opal, and silver, and all these colors are super cute and fun to wear. 

Ellie Shoes E652 – Bonnie

Bonnie is a typical pump-type shoe with a closed back and an open toe. The red and black design of the pump will remind you of a romantic movie. 

This, too, doesn’t have any straps going around your leg or ankle to secure the shoe to your foot, but it is another that will hug your foot and never let go. 

Ellie Shoes E652 – Bonnie

It has a chunky platform made of hard plastic and is very lightweight and comfortable. It will give you the confidence to step onto the dance floor for the first time, and it will look good on you for years to come. 

And the 6.5″ heel is the best height for you to start in, and your legs will look longer than they really are. 

Ellie Shoes – 609 Ski

Are you looking for a knee-high boot with significant foot support? Then why not try out the 609 Ski from Ellie shoes? 

This boot has a lycra finish with a hard plastic base. The material will hug the whole length of your legs and make them longer with an accentuated look. 

It also has a covered toe and a 6″ inch heel, the most recommended heel height for a beginner-level pole dancer. 

Pleaser Moon – 708

Moon has an extensive line of designs. The common thing here is the shoe’s base which has a 7″ heel and a 2 ¾” platform. 

On the platform, there is a half-moon-like space where the design will usually change. This comes with many solid colors as well as holographic and glitter. 

Pleaser Moon – 708

Therefore, whatever design you crave, you will find it with this fashion line of pole dancing shoes that Pleaser has put out. 

The transparent ankle strap and the foot cover with an open toe, and the velvety interior also make the shoe rest perfectly on your foot with no discomfort. 

Pleaser Kiss 274

The elegance of this pair of heels is undescribable with just words. 

If you are looking for a new pair of heels to step onto your pole dancing dreams and are really craving that Greek goddess feeling and comfort, Kiss 274 from Pleaser brands will make the cut. 

Pleaser Kiss 274

There are straps you should crisscross up to your knees with a 6″ inch heel that will stretch out your legs, giving them a taller look. 

The platform stands at a 1 ¾” inch, so as a beginner, you will not feel the heel’s height to be uncomfortable.

Pleaser Rainbow 309 UV

This was the surprising twist I was talking about. 

Pleaser’s new Rainbow 309 sandal stands out from all the other pairs we have mentioned above due to its vibrant orangy color. But the look doesn’t end there. 

This shoe glows when the surrounding is darker and will give out a cool vibe as you dance away. 

Pleaser Rainbow 309 UV

It has a black ankle strap and a wide strap on the front of the shoe with an open-toe design. But the cushioning on the shoe’s insole will stop your foot from sliding out of this open. 

It also has a 7″ heel and a 2 ¾” platform. Once you wear this heel, you will feel how snuggly it is with your feet letting you practice your moves effortlessly. 


There you go—the 7 best pole dancing shoes for beginners you can buy right now at Walmart. 

Coming across the perfect pair of shoes will mark a lucky day in your pole dancing dream. All the heels we talked about come with a better grip and excellent height to accentuate all the moves you will make on the stage. 

They are well cushioned, gentle on your toes and feet, and long lasting so that you wouldn’t have to change your heels again after a few days of use.