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Pole Dancing Outfits for Beginners (10+ Ideas)

Pole Dancing Outfits for Beginners

If you’re just getting started in pole dancing, it’s important to find the right outfit. You want something that makes you feel comfortable and confident while you’re learning the moves.

Here are a few great pole dancing outfits for both men and women that you should consider wearing to your pole dancing session.

How To Select A Pole Dancing Outfit

The first thing to consider is the type of fabric that you are comfortable dancing in. Some fabrics are more clinging than others and can be more revealing. You want to make sure that you are comfortable and confident in your outfit. (more on this later)

Another thing to consider is the color of your outfit. Black is always a popular choice for pole dancing outfits as it is slimming and flattering. 

However, you can also wear white, red, or just about any color. It is really up to you what color you feel best in.

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If you are new to pole dancing, you may want to start with a basic outfit such as a tank top and shorts. You can always add to your outfit as you become more comfortable and confident with your moves. 

There are also many sexy pole dancing outfits that you can buy that will give you a confidence boost.

Pole Dancing Outfit Ideas For Women

Leg Warmers

Let’s face it, leg warmers look pretty darn cool. They are the perfect way to add a bit of style to your pole dancing outfit. Whether you are wearing them for practical reasons or simply to look good, leg warmers are a great choice.

Plus, it will help you prevent some pole kisses!

However, you’ll not have a good grip like you get with skin but you can always scrunch it down to your ankles when you need more grip.


Leotards are a popular choice for pole dancing beginners, as they allow for a full range of movement and are comfortable to wear.

Leotards are great if you are doing more flexing and stretching. And if you don’t like exposing a lot of your body this might be a good choice for you, as It covers the upper part of your body.


They are an excellent choice for beginners who don’t use their core as often. There are a variety of different styles of leotards available, so you can choose one that suits your personal preferences.

Tank Top and Booty Shorts

Tank tops with booty shorts are a great combo for beginners as they are comfortable and help you move more freely and allow you to show some skin.

And they look really good and are flattering to most body types and they make your curves look even more pronounced. This is important because part of the appeal of pole dancing is the visual element.

Most tank tops come with built-in bras so there is no necessity to add layers to your tank top and you don’t have to worry about the bra riding under the top you are wearing. 

booty shorts

Plus, they are affordable. You do not need to spend a lot of money on fancy workout clothes.

Shorts And A T-Shirt 

Most new pole dancers often opt for shorts and a t-shirt, as this allows you to move freely and get a good grip on the pole. They are a great combination especially if you are just getting started.

But keep in mind that you will want shorts that are comfortable and do not ride up when you dance on the pole. 

A lot of pole dancers prefer to wear boy shorts or hipster style panties. And make sure that your T shirt is fit enough so that it doesn’t fall on your face when you go upside down. 

Athletic Shorts And A Sports Bra

Athletic shorts and sports bra are by far the most popular outfit for pole dancing for both beginners and experts.

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When you feel good, you look good. And there’s no denying that a well-fitting pair of sports shorts and a supportive sports bra will make you look good.

atheltic shorts

They’ll accentuate your curves and make you look sexy and confident. And that’s exactly the kind of energy you want to be giving off when you’re pole dancing.

These are perfect for stretching and bending too. And the less clothes you have the better the grip will be.

Skort (Skirt Short Combo)

Skorts are a combo of a skirt and shorts and are considered athletic wear, and popular among tennis players. And they make great outfits for beginner pole dancers.

A skort will make you look like you are in a skirt while keeping you covered, letting you have your thigh exposed. 

If you are a person who feels awkward wearing shorts outside your house, a skort might be the right outfit for you. Most of your leg is exposed when you wear a skort, so this is ideal for grips. 

Crop Tops

These are comfortable short tops and you can wear them with booty shorts! You can choose to wear them with sleeves or without sleeves. 

Crop tops expose your core most of the time even advanced pole dancers can wear them. Crop tops can be customized depending on your moves and the amount of  body exposure you’ll need. 


Bodysuits are similar to leotards but they are for people who are more into fashion. 

They are super comfortable and cover most of the body but there are ones that expose certain areas of the core and you can find suits without sleeves, plus they can be customized for your needs. 

Pole Dancing Outfit Ideas For Men

Can Men Pole Dance

Pole Briefs

Pole briefs are a type of underwear that are designed to be worn during pole dancing. They expose most of your leg and aids in gripping the pole.

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They are tight-fitting and often made of Lycra or spandex, which allows them to hug your body and show off your muscles.

They also have a thong-style back, which helps to keep them in place and prevents them from riding up during your routine. 

Brazil Shorts

Brazil shorts are another type of clothing that is often worn by male pole dancers. Brazil shorts are tight-fitting and help to show off your muscles.

They are similar to hot pants or booty shorts, but they are also usually made of Lycra or spandex and have a thong-style back.


Shorts that are tight and fitting are perfect to execute any pole move. 

Most beginners  feel quite comfortable wearing them while pole dancing and it allows them to move freely. This could mean anything from basketball shorts to gym shorts.

Men Bodysuits

These are similar to women’s bodysuits, but have a short that covers the bottom. These are available with and without sleeves too. 

body suits

You can find one with mesh cloth as well, which is good for a performer. However, this exposes some parts of the body too. 

What Fabric Should PoleWear Be Made Of?

If you want to move your body freely around the pole you have to choose an outfit that is made out of quality fabric. The importance of your pole dancing cloth material cannot be overstated. 

Fabrics that have a high spandex content are ideal for pole dancing, because they provide a figure-hugging fit and help prevent slipping. 

Spandex and elastic, when combined, make for fantastic moisture-wicking combinations. Picking a fabric that already has anti-bacterial protection built in will help keep unpleasant odors at bay. 

Pole shorts are worn so closely to sensitive areas of the body, this aspect of pole clothing that does not call for underwear is important to keep in mind. 

Choose the material and design that offer the best support and comfort to your body when dancing and you will have the feeling that “Okay I can dance at ease”. This applies to both men and women. 


Is It Better to Wear Shorts or Leggings for Pole Dancing?

Shorts are better than leggings because pole dancing requires contact between your body and the pole which gives maximum grip. Wearing leggings will minimize that grip and hinder your performance. Wearing leggings is not recommended especially if you are a beginner.

Can You Wear a Swimsuit to Pole Dance?

Many pole dancers use swimwear as their pole dancing outfit. Just make sure that the strip of fabric that covers your bottoms is wide enough, because swimwear isn’t always made with splits in mind and you don’t want anything falling out.