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12 Amazing Pole Tricks

12 Amazing Pole Tricks

Pole tricks are one of the most important parts of learning how to pole dance, and it’s important to have a few go-to tricks up your sleeve when you enter a competition or perform in front of an audience. 

The following list of pole tricks includes some of the basic moves every pole dancer should know, as well as some fun advanced tricks that will impress your friends and bring your pole dancing skills to the next level! 

Beginner Pole Tricks 

Pole dancing is a great strength-training workout that uses your whole body and gets you in shape. Even if you’ve been practicing pole dancing for a while, there are still plenty of beginner pole tricks you can learn.

Here’s a list of beginner pole tricks to help you get started:

The Fireman Spin 

The fireman spin is a traditional spin that newcomers will most likely master within their first few classes, and it may even be your very first spin ever. 

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It is a spin that gives the impression of sophistication but is not overly difficult for beginners to execute, which will boost your self-assurance.

This turn can be done in several different ways and different combinations.  

Sitting on the Pole 

Another fundamental move for beginners, this one will get you started on the path to more sophisticated moves. 

You ought to be aware, right now, that this motion can cause you some discomfort! But do not be alarmed, this is a natural. The stronger your muscles become, the less pain you will feel.

To be able to sit on the pole without using your hands, you will need to learn how to grip the pole with your thigh in a highly controlled manner. 

Split Grip Hold

Even though this technique is suitable for beginners, it is rather tough. It takes a great deal of strength to achieve this position. 

Your hands are the only points of contact with the pole while your upper arm is locked and your core supports your lower arm.

It is not expected that pole dancers will be able to accomplish this move immediately, as the practice is more important than technical knowledge. It may take a few weeks of practice, but you must persevere and not give up, as this is a crucial stepping stone for doing more complicated techniques.

Intermediate Pole Tricks 

The following are three intermediate pole tricks. They’re all fairly simple, but they show how you can do some interesting things with a pole.

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Brass Monkey 

The brass monkey is an excellent intermediate trick since it involves a great deal of balance and control.

Because of this, not everyone is capable of doing it because it needs flexibility in the shoulders and hips.

The brass monkey requires that you stand on one leg with the other leg raised behind you, and then you swing your weight back and forth between both legs.

Extended Butterfly

The extended butterfly is a variation of the butterfly. You will have your legs and arms spread across the pole with your chest, neck and head up in the air. 

Your pole hand will be on top of your head and you will hold it in place with your other arm.

The extended butterfly is a great way to work on your balance and strength. It also helps with coordination and flexibility, as well as building muscle tone in your arms and upper body.

Shoulder Mount

This trick is similar to the Shoulderstand, but you are now standing on one hand and the pole. 

The arms are crossed in front of you and your elbows will be locked. The other hand will be holding onto the pole with your index and middle finger wrapped around it. 

intermediate pole dance tricks

This is a great trick for when you want to practice balancing yourself on the pole but still want a little bit more challenge.

Advanced Pole Tricks 

Below is a list of advanced pole tricks. These tricks are not just for the pros, but they are very difficult and even dangerous to do. 

If you want to be a professional pole dancer in the future, then you will need to know these tricks.

Elbow Ayesha

The elbow Ayesha is a very difficult trick to master. It requires some basic pole tricks and good piloting skills. 

The pole move starts with a back extension or pullover, followed by an elbow plant on the ground. The next step is to rotate your body in the opposite direction of your arm so that you end up facing the same direction as your arm. 

advanced pole dance tricks

From here, you can perform any number of tricks involving your elbows and wrists.

You’ll need a partner for this one, but it’s well worth it!


The Dragontail is a hair-raising pole move that requires a lot of upper body strength. 

For this trick, you need to move your foot to the front of your body. Start by holding on to one of your poles and keeping your other hand in front of your stomach. 

With your foot, make a small circle around the pole by moving it back and forth. Make sure to keep it tight and close together.

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Once you feel comfortable with this, try doing it while still holding on to one of your poles.

Repeat this step over and over again until you’ve mastered it!


This one is extremely simple to comprehend, but putting it into practice is not something that can be done by everyone.

The objective of this exercise is to stack your hands on top of one another and then raise them as high as possible into the air.

You can also use this for a great many other things, such as putting your hands behind your head or even holding on to someone else’s hands while they spin around you. 

There are a lot of different applications for this.

Static Pole Tricks 

Here are a few Static Pole Tricks that you can use to help make your art more dynamic.


The spider is a basic static pole trick. It has been around for a long time and it’s still one of the most popular. 

The goal is to spin around on the pole without touching it. 

There are many variations of this move and you can use them to make your routine more interesting or add variety to your performance.


This is another basic static pole move with little variation. 

The dancer stands on the end of the pole, raises her hips and puts her arms up in the air as if she were sunbathing. The idea behind this trick is to use gravity to help you rotate around on a stationary object. 

This move should be done slowly so that you don’t fall off. 

Chinese Flag 

This is an advanced static pole trick that requires great flexibility and balance ability. (more here)

The dancer will start by spinning inward, then she will jump up and spin around her body, landing on the ground behind her with her arms spread out while holding onto a silk scarf in front of them.

These are fun moves that involve grabbing your partner’s hands and swinging them around in circles and other shapes. 

This will help build strength in your arms, shoulders, wrists, fingers and hands too!


Practice makes perfect!

Okay, we will let you in on a little secret, there is no such thing as a pole dancing trick that can be mastered by just watching us perform it once. 

Practice and nurture this amazing art of ours and you will see the results right before your eyes. 

Also, remember to warm up before you try these tricks, and be very careful on the pole. 

Have fun and enjoy practicing your pole tricks!