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Best Pole Grips: The Top 7

best pole grips

Pole dancing is a fun and exciting sport that can provide a great workout. But one of the challenges of pole dancing is getting a good grip on the pole. This can be especially difficult if you have sweaty hands. 

Fortunately, there are a few pole grip aids on the market that can help you get a better grip on the pole.

You have most likely already read some of the guides that are currently available on pole grips, however, we are willing to bet that you have not read all of them.

That’s why we decided to research and compile THE best pole grip guide, so that you don’t have to spend more time researching. In this post, we will review the 7 best grip aid products in the market. 

What is a Pole Grip Aid?

Pole dancing grip aid is a type of skin care product that is used by dancers to get a better grip on a dance pole. It strengthens the grip of their hands by lowering sweat or rebalancing dry skin.

It is a great product for those who want to improve their grip while pole dancing or doing any other activities that require a good grip. Pole grip aids can also help improve circulation in the hands and give the sensation of being nice and soft.

Should I Use Pole Grip Aid?

There are pole dancers who believe that the only way to pole dance is grip-free and who view grip aids as a crutch.

While everyone has their reasons, the most typical one is that you learn to rely on grip aid rather than your natural grip strength, especially as a novice or intermediate pole dancer.

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Too many instances emerge in which pole grip might be beneficial as a training aid, and we feel that it should be used freely. 

Incorporating grip-strength conditioning into every pole-exercise routine, and using grip assistance only when necessary, is a crucial step that should not be missed.

Using a pole grip as a training aid will assist you during practice, enabling you to focus more on your technique and form and less on whether or not you are slipping off the pole. 

This is super important if you are training for a showcase or pole competition on a particularly sweaty or dry day for your skin.

5 Best Pole Grip Aids 

There are a ton of different pole grip aids on the market, but these are best out there and we highly recommend these.

1. ITAC2 Pole Dance Grip Extra Strength 

We consider the Extra iTac2 Pole Grip Strength to be the best product available and based on our research, this product lives up to its reputation!

ITAC2 Pole Dance Grip Extra Strength

Because it is made of beeswax, iTac2 must be left to dry out normally in the air; otherwise, it will leave your hands with a waxy feeling.

It doesn’t leave a white residue on your clothing or skin and acts as an undetectable layer of gripYou’ll have to clean your pole more frequently if you use this help grip because it leaves a sticky residue on the pole.
Effective even in little amounts

2. Carpe Antiperspirant Hand Lotion

Carpe Antiperspirant Hand Lotion

For people who suffer from hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating, Carpe Lotion is a great solution. Its non-irritating composition absorbs rapidly and completely without leaving any marks.

It’s also a one-time purchase that will last you up to three months!

Powerful antiperspirant.If you use it too much, your skin may get extremely dry.
Quickly dries and is easy to apply. The powdery residue is left behind. 

3. Hydro Attack Body Grip Spray

The Hydro Attack Body Grip Spray was developed specifically for pole dancers. It combines Aloe Vera and Vitamin B5 to provide your skin with the additional moisture necessary (great for a dry hand) for optimal grip. 

Hydro Attack Body Grip Spray

Additionally, it aids in the speedy recovery of bruised skin and serves as a potent moisturizer.

Extremely low allergy riskYou’ll have to clean the pole more frequently because of the residue it leaves behind
A wide range of sizes at a low costThere is NO way to stop yourself from sweating with this product
Approved by IPSF

4. Enviro Grip 

Enviro Grip is a one-of-a-kind, all-natural mix of liquid chalk that in addition to enhancing your grip, it cuts down on perspiration, allowing you to perform better. 

Enviro Grip

Natural beauty and the preservation of our planet’s natural resources are at the heart of this product.

Long-term useLiquids can spill if the cap isn’t properly closed.
Biodegradable bottleHands and poles are left with a residue.
Lovely vanilla scentA large-cap hole facilitates over-pouring

5. Gorilla Gold Grip Enhancer 

Gorilla Gold Grip Enhancer

The Gorilla Gold Grip Enhancer has emerged as the most recommended brand in every sport where grips play a significant role, regardless of whether you want to boost your grip in wet circumstances or give your old grips a new feel. 

Gorilla Grip can be used to tack up grips or hands for improved control; it can also be used to repel moisture with a waxy coating, and it can dry-clean grips by eliminating oil and debris. 

A large towel that will last a long timeThe pole and your skin are left with a sticky residue
Perfect for days when it’s slick or humidIf not properly stored in a bag, they may become dehydrated

2 Best Pole Grips for Sweaty Hands 

Pole dancing is a hard workout, so it’s not surprising that you can sweat like crazy. You need to have pole grips to make sure your hands don’t get too sweaty in the pole dancing world. 

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Below are two of the best pole grips for sweaty hands we found.

1. Lupit Pole Grip 

Lupit, a well-known producer of poles, has created a pole grip pillow. We highly recommend Lupit pole grips to every single pole dancer, but in particular to those who struggle with sweaty palms.

Lupit Pole Grip

Lupit’s pink and black colors adorn both sides of this cushion, which is thicker than the normal grip towel and adds a splash of color to your grip routine.

The black side of the pillow is exclusively for use on the pole, whilst the pink side is for use on the skin. 

Prolonged gripCostlier than expected for the size
Sweat or humidity won’t cause any slickness thanks to moisture wickingThe pole may become very sticky

2. The Tite Grip II

Tite Grip II is an excellent product that can be used on both sweaty hands and feet. 

The Tite Grip II

You should only apply a small amount by rubbing it into your palms and the soles of your feet, and then you need to wait until it dries before you attempt to climb the pole. 

It is recommended that you perform this step at least thirty minutes before contacting the pole because it acts as an antiperspirant for your hands and requires some time to take effect before polling begins.

Long-lasting and sturdyIf the lid is left open, the lotion may go stale
It dries rapidly and leaves no traceIf used alone, it may be necessary to reapply
A great addition to a existing pole grip 

Can You Use Grip Tape for Pole Dancing?

Grip tape is used by some pole dancers. Pole dancing is only one example of the many physical activities that may be performed with grip tape, which is a rubberized surface that can be put on any pole.

Grip tape prevents the hands from becoming overly dried out and worn out by moving across a pole repeatedly, which can lead to dry or irritated skin. 

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Grip tapes are designed to give the user more control over their movements by offering more traction than skin alone does. 

How to Improve Grip Strength for Pole Dancing?

There are various ways to strengthen your grip, but we’ll focus on some of the most effective ones in this blog section. 

Included here are a variety of grip strength training methods that target specific areas for improvement.

Hang on Bars 

As a general rule, this is the most beneficial for the pole since it strengthens all of the muscles in the wrists and hands as well as forearms, and it mimics the pole’s grip.

Simply grab the bar and hold on for as long as you can with your entire body weight. 

You want to do this regularly so that you can hang out for a long period.

To increase the variety of muscles worked, you can use a towel or blanket looped over a bar and then hang on to the towel or blanket.

Get a Gripper or a Stress Ball

Grip strength can be improved by or grippers, training aids designed expressly to develop grip strength. 

You can use a stress ball, but if you want to train more rigorously, you may wish to invest in a few sets of grippers with varying resistances.

Use an Elastic Band or a Hair Tie

The primary goal of this exercise is to strengthen the fingers. 

Grip strength can be improved by strengthening the muscles and tendons in your fingertips. 

Move your fingers closer and further apart by tying a knot or band across their ends. 

Claw-like movements are expected.


The ITAC2 Pole Grip is the BEST pole grip on the market, according to our research, and it will provide you with the grip you need for anything. With this pole grip, you won’t have to worry about leaving sweat stains on your hands, thanks to the surface’s soft, super-sticky nature. 

On the other hand, when comparing all the pole grips for sweaty hands, The Lupit Pole Grips were unequivocally the best option. This pole grip is soft and absorbent, making it comfortable to use. Your hands will have just the correct amount of traction as a result.

And finally, we’d like to advise that you shouldn’t worry if you notice that you’re beginning to lose your hold on the pole. Test these pole grip aids and find the one that works best for you, and try out some exercises that will help you improve your grip strength.

Where to Buy Pole Grip?

You can purchase pole grips of your choice from a number of online stores, including Walmart, eBay, Amazon, and many others, and have it delivered to your doorstep!

Can I Use Shaving Cream for Pole Grip?

Shaving cream is a good alternative to grip aids for pole dancers because it is inexpensive, cheery, and easy to purchase in the majority of stores. Shaving cream is excellent for dry skin and is an excellent option for giving a little additional tack to problem areas such as the inner thighs and the backs of the knees.