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Can Men Pole Dance?

Can Men Pole Dance

Pole dancing is often seen as a very sensual and erotic activity, which is why it is often performed by women. However, pole dancing can be a very fun and athletic activity for men as well. Male pole dancers are rare in the pole dancing world, but that doesn’t mean men can’t pole dance.

If you’re a man who’s interested in pole dancing, then this post is for you! We will cover how you can become a male pole dancer in great detail along with some tips for pole dancing.

Can Men Pole Dance? 

YES, men can pole dance, but it’s a lot harder than it looks. Because men typically have more muscle mass than women do, it is more difficult for them to maintain their equilibrium when they are on the pole.

Men are equally as capable as women of performing whatever kind of intricate pole choreography they like. 

On the other hand, there is an art to it, which men typically aren’t as interested in as women are, which might make it more difficult for men to maintain their commitments. 

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Keep in mind that there is no such thing as the wrong way to do pole dancing; if there is anything that makes you feel uneasy or doesn’t feel like it should, then stop doing it!

How To Become A Male Pole Dancer 

Since you’re on this page, it means you wish to learn how to become a male pole dancer. That’s great!

While there is a lot more involved, here are few necessary steps that you need to take to become a male professional pole dancer.

Exercise to Get in Shape

Because pole dancers assist individuals in visualizing their desires, they must look their absolute best. Building up your muscle mass is essential. 

You do not have to have the physique of the Hulk, but you will need to have muscles and abs that are defined. 

Go to a fitness center, and try to work up to lifting weights two or three times a week for strength training. You should stay active even when you’re not in the gym by participating in other activities, such as running or swimming.

Reduce Fat by Eating Healthily

Put down the bag of chips if you want to reduce the amount of fat in your body. 

How To Become A Male Pole Dancer 

Replace unhealthy fats, sweets, and salt with healthy options such as fruits, vegetables, and grains that are whole. Your consumption of protein should be increased. 

The alternatives of chicken and fish, as well as lean cuts of meat, eggs, and nuts, are quite satisfying.

Get Dressed Up!

Authenticity is the first and most important requirement for a good costume. You can find some great stuff on online marketplaces such as eBay. 

A common choice is to use tear-away clothing, and a tailor or seamstress can assist you in attaching snaps or Velcro to the garment.

Join A Pole Dancing Class

Body movements that are appealing and smooth are essential to the success of a performance. Look into taking some dance lessons in your area to improve your skills. You can also check out online pole dancing classes which are good too.

Lessons in male burlesque or sensual dance will teach you a lot if you take them. 

Because hip-hop dance skills are also used in many pole dancing routines, taking lessons that teach hip-hop dance moves may also be an option.

Work on Your Dancing

Always look for opportunities to improve your routine. Commit the music to memory so that you are never at a loss for what to do next during a performance. 

Your focus should be on making your movements look natural as you maintain a position with your face directed toward the audience. 

Always make an effort to look the members of the audience in the eye and smile at them to make them feel more important. 

Try To Get Some Experience 

Find places that feature male performers on stage and visit those places. Make it known to the show’s organizer that you are interested in participating alongside them. 

They can point you in the right direction when they’ll let you into shows without paying, and then they’ll let you watch. There are times when they’ll let you have an audition.

Men’s Pole Dancing Tips 

Here are some great tips for male pole dancers that will be helpful down the line.

Men's Pole Dancing Tips 
  • Your growth will be stunted over the long term if you place an excessive amount of emphasis on your arms and strength. When you are first starting, you should put as much focus on using your legs as you do your arms. Make use of your full body, and make sure not to overlook form and balance. You can only get so far on strength alone.
  • If you tend to perspire a lot, make sure to apply your antiperspirant freely and thoroughly for thirty minutes before applying grip aid.
  • Sweat should be blotted away frequently, and towels should be changed. 
  • Remember, do not engage in an unproductive and self-critical practice of comparing oneself to other people. Do not, under any circumstances, compare yourself to other people who have a completely different fitness history than you do.
  • Do not look down on other people simply because they are having difficulty or because they have made mistakes. 
  • Lastly, you should become used to filming yourself and seeing your recordings before moving on. 
  • Observing your performance after each practice session is the single most effective strategy to accelerate your progress!


If you’re a man and you want to learn pole dancing, you should go for it. Because of their superior strength, male pole dancers can perform some of the most incredible tricks ever seen on a pole. 

If you dedicate yourself to pole dancing and train regularly, you’ll soon be able to perform intricate moves like professional female pole dancers.

To that end, why delay? Get on that pole and start learning the skill by enrolling in a local class where you feel most at ease.