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Can You Install A Pole In An Apartment?

Can You Install A Pole In An Apartment

Wondering if you can install a pole in an apartment? Yes you can! Whether you want to practice your pole dancing moves or get a workout, having a pole in your home is a great way to stay fit and have fun.

However, there are a few things you need to have before you can install a pole in an apartment and the possibility depends on these factors including permission, enough space, ceiling, flooring etc.. which we will be discussing in this post.

Things to Consider When Installing a Pole in an Apartment

Here are the main factors you need to take into consideration before you install the best dance pole for home use:


Having enough space is very important when installing a dance pole because you will be performing dancing spins from different techniques, where it is most likely that you will hit objects or furniture if there is not enough space. 

It is necessary to have at least 6 feet radius in every direction from the pole to be able to perform without worrying that you’ll hit something.


It is important that your apartment has a hard solid like concrete ceiling and floor because depending on the pole the tension handled by the ceiling should be managed otherwise the ceiling will crack if it’s not strong enough. 

Things to Consider When Installing a Pole

Usually apartments have concrete ceilings but if the apartment is an old building the ceiling might not be concrete supporting even though the floor is.   

Plus the pole will depend on the height between the floor and ceiling, where the average height range is between 7-9 feet and anything higher or lower will be difficult or expensive to come by. 


The main requirement of the flooring is that it should be flat and strong enough to withstand the tension from the pole.

  • Same as the ceiling, a concrete floor is best for a pole 
  • Wood flooring can also be a good choice with support. 
  • Tile floors are not a good option, even though it has a solid flat surface it might not be able to withstand the tension from the pole. 
  • Carpets are also good but the pole will leave an indentation.

Types of Poles

There are different types of dancing poles with different features, make sure you understand these:

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  • Podium base poles have a strong base where the pole can be attached and removed anytime to the strong base. This is very useful when space is limited.
  • Tension mounted poles are forced up to the ceiling and down to the floor to keep it place without moving. A strong ceiling and floor is important for these types of poles ,because all the tension is now focused to the floor and ceiling throughout the pole.

Other Factors

Before installing a pole in an apartment, make sure that your neighbors downstairs are okay about it, dancing can make noise so it is better to sort it out before getting into it. 

You might also need permission from your landlord or building manager, check with them to make sure poles are allowed. 


Though it may be possible to install a pole in an apartment, it can be difficult due to space limitations and the need of suitable flooring and ceilings and not to mention the potential for damage to the apartment and it may not be allowed by the lease agreement.

It is recommended that you discuss your plans with your landlord and building manager before proceeding.

Is my ceiling strong enough for a pole?

If your ceiling is made from concrete then it is strong enough to hold the pole, however if it is made from metal girders or joist then make sure that the pole is underneath girders or joist.

Where do Poles go in a small apartment?

The place where the pole is installed should have enough space at least 6 feet radius to freely dance without hitting anything, If this space cannot be achieved then be mindful about your surroundings when dancing.