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Lupit Pole Grip Review: Say Goodbye To Slippery Poles

lupit pole grip review

Wet, sweaty hands can cause you to lose your grip on the dance pole, which can be dangerous. 

Having a slippery grip on the dance pole is unsafe, and it can also be very frustrating. You have to constantly wipe your hands off, and you still don’t have a good grip. 

Lupit pole grips solves this problem by creating a hydrophobic barrier between your hands and the dance pole. This will keep the sweat and water away from your hands, allowing you to maintain a firm grip on the pole no matter how sweaty your hands get.

Let’s find out if this is the perfect grip you need to buy! Also check out our recommended list of the best pole grips for dancers.

What Is Lupit Pole Grip?

Anyone who’s ever been to a pole dancing class knows that grip is key. A good grip will allow you to execute moves confidently and without fear of slipping (potentially injuring yourself). Unfortunately, the grip can be one of the hardest things to maintain – especially when your palms start to sweat. This is where Lupit Pole Grip comes in.

what is lupit pole grip

Lupit Pole Grip is a product designed specifically for pole dancers who struggle with sweaty palms, slipping on the pole, and reduced confidence due to difficulty with grip. Here’s how it works: Run the pillow’s black side along the pole’s length for it to take effect. Then, use the pink side of the pillow to run it across your skin. That’s it! No need for messy powders or sprays.

Maintaining a good grip on the pole can be tough, but it’s important for your safety and confidence. Lupit Pole Grip is a product that can help you achieve both by providing added grip without affecting your skin or clothing. If you’re struggling with sweaty palms or slipping on the pole, I recommend giving Lupit Pole Grip a try.

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But let’s dive more into the benefits of this pole grip and find out if this is the best pole grip that matches you.

The Many Benefits Of Lupit Pole Grip

One of the most important things for pole dancers is grip. After all, a good grip can mean the difference between successful performance and a dangerous fall.

That’s why so many pole dancers use Lupit Pole Grip. This product is designed to increase friction and reduce skin burns, making it an essential tool for anyone who wants to dance their best, especially for dancers with sweaty palms. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of Lupit Pole Grip.

Increased Friction

One of the most important benefits of Lupit Pole Grip is that it increases friction. This is especially important for moves that require a lot of grips, such as drops and tricks. By increasing friction, Lupit Pole Grip makes it easier for dancers to perform these moves without fear of slipping or losing their grip.

increased friction

Reduced Skin Burn

Another benefit of Lupit Pole Grip is that it reduces skin burn or pole dancing bruises. This is because the product is made with a hydrophobic nano substance that repels water and sweat from the hands and poles. This means that dancers can perform without worrying about their hands getting sweaty and slipping, which can lead to painful skin burns.

Lasts Longer

Finally, Lupit Pole Grip lasts longer than similar products on the market. This is because the nano substance in the product is designed to withstand multiple uses. This means that dancers can use Lupit Pole Grip repeatedly without worrying that it will wear out or lose its effectiveness. 

Reduced Skin Burn

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Lupit Pole Grip is an essential tool for anyone who wants to improve their pole dancing skills. With its ability to increase friction and reduce skin burns, Lupit Pole Grip gives dancers the grip they need to perform their best.

My Personal Experience With Lupit Pole Grip

When it comes to pole dancing, many products on the market claim to make your grip stronger, but not all of them live up to the hype. Below, I’ll give my honest review of Lupit Pole Grip, a light-duty pole grip I’ve been using for the past few weeks. 

Ease of Use: 4/5

When I first got my hands on this product, I admit I was confused about how to use it. There were no instructions on the packaging or the product itself, so I had to do a bit of research online before I could finally figure out how to apply it correctly. Once I got the hang of it, though, it was super easy to use and user-friendly. 

Results: 3/5 

This product worked well for moves requiring a lighter grip, such as pole sits and inverts. However, when I tried using it for spins, I found that it dried out the pole so much that it became incredibly slippery and dangerous. Because of this, I only use it sparingly now whenever I’m doing moves that require more friction. 

Value for Money: 4/5 

This product is priced reasonably and lasts for quite a while (I’ve been using mine for several weeks now with no signs of wear and tear), so I would say it’s definitely worth the price. 

I would recommend Lupit Pole Grip if you’re looking for a light-duty grip enhancer. It’s easy to use and relatively affordable, but be careful if you’re planning to use it for moves requiring more friction.

The Pros And Cons Of Lupit Pole Grip

pros and cons of Lupit Pole Grip

Lets take a look at the pros and cons:


  • It’s a light grip option, which is great for beginner dancers still learning all the strength moves. 
  • Absolutely worth it for the price. 
  • It can be helpful for pole sits and spins. 


  • No instructions on the product itself, so you have to go online to figure out how to use it. 
  • Dries the pole out so much that it could cause injury if you’re not careful. 

Where To Buy Lupit Pole Grips?

You can buy it online through on Lupit’s official store using the link below or you can also purchase it on Amazon or Walmart.


I think Lupit Pole Grip is a decent product, but it’s not perfect. If you’re a beginner pole dancer, this might be a good option, but be aware that there are some downsides. As always, be careful when using any grip aid and ensure you’re listening to your body to avoid injury.

What’s your experience with Lupit pole grip? Let me know in the comments below.