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X-Pole XPERT PRO Review

x-pole xpert pro review

I’m so excited to share my review of the X-Pole XPERT PRO! I’ve been using this pole for a long time now and I love it.

If you’re looking for a versatile and super durable pole dancing pole, the XPERT PRO is a perfect choice. It’s made from high-quality materials and can be used for both indoor and outdoor pole dancing. It’s also super easy to install and take down, which is a huge plus.

Let’s dive into more details below 

What Makes the XPERT Pro Stand Out from Other Poles?

The XPERT dancing pole from X-Pole combines the capabilities of a spinning and static pole in one product! Boosting its adaptability while preserving quality. 

In my honest opinion, the possibility of converting it from a spinning pole to a static pole has to be the best feature that makes it stand out, it is beneficial for beginners when they are just training and the spinning gets in the way of concentrating on dance moves. 

This X-LOCK technology allows dancers to easily move back and forth between modes in a matter of minutes! 

xpert pro features

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XPERT Pro Features And Benefits 

Let’s look at the features of XPERT Pro in greater detail and see and how they benefit the users 

Easy Installation

The pole is simple to install and remove. It only takes around 15 minutes to install and 5 minutes to remove. 

It has a ‘bottom-loading’ feature that allows you to install it without the use of a ladder. Even after extensive usage, it is protected from lock-nuts becoming accidentally undone. 

So if you are looking for a pole that’s easy to install and can be done yourself without hiring someone, in a matter of minutes – this pole is for you! 

Static And Spin Modes

It is possible to switch from spinning mode to a static pole which is an amazing feature and very helpful for beginners as they could first practice on a static pole and once they are confident enough they could move on to the spinning mode without needing to buy a new pole.

It’s also great for intermediate and professional dancers as if they ever needed to practise on a static pole it’s possible on the same pole.

Plus it is simple to switch between static and spin modes in X Pole. Dancers may quickly switch between static and spin modes because of the X-LOCK technology. Just make sure the ‘X’ on the base is aligned with the marker when switching between static and spin modes and you are good to go. 

Strong And Stable

The pole features a X-Joint system that is carefully thought out, and the pole as a whole is quite solid, well-made, strong and the joints are extremely sturdy. 

After the pole is installed it can feel safe and strong and dancers will not need to worry or even think about it collapsing giving them a peace of mind when practicing.

The pole also features micro-articulation for use on uneven floors. That’s great if the flooring is not good at your house or studio. The pole also has a ‘Micro Base’ for the floor mount. It features a 5in diameter for minimal floor touch and an adjustable base to operate on most floor surfaces.

Comes With Extensions

If the ‘out of the box’ height is too short, multiple-sized extension components are available to make the pole higher. 

It also has permanent fixtures and fittings if you wish to install your pole to the ceiling at a later date.

xpert pro package

Great Design

The pole looks simply amazing and there’s also a pole cover to keep the mechanics hidden and to give the pole a smooth overall appearance with no projecting edges. 

The design allows customers to upgrade from prior versions of the Xpert Pro to the current version. So, even if you purchased your XPERT pole a while ago, you may still enjoy the same degree of ease.

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Pros And Cons Of The XPert Pro

Xpert X Poles are one of the best poles available in the market. Here is a quick breakdown of its pros and cons, followed by a few important points that prove its worth;

Easy to Installneeds to be re-tightened after some time
Great Customer ServiceBit slippery at first
Durable and SafeCarry case sold separately
Can easily extendFor home use only
Can be used as both spinning and static poles

The XPERT Pro is made by X Pole, which is the greatest pole and aerial company in the UK and customer service is fantastic – they respond swiftly and effectively to any issues. They are the industry’s continual inventors, constantly seeking new and innovative methods to better their services.

Just like every other pole, XPERT pro also comes with a few downsides. Some of such cons are;

The XPERT is probably the safest and most solid object in my house right now (aha), but I was amazed at how much the height adjuster screws had come undone after it had been up for about a year. It wasn’t dangerous, they were simply not as tight as they had been. The pole was still very secure. If the pole is up for an extended amount of time, it must be re-tightened.

The pole will most likely be much slicker than the poles you’ve used before when it is first bought. This will turn to normal with use. So, it’s best to warm up before using the pole, when first bought.

I’ve also observed an issue that causes early pole wear. Ensure that the ‘X’ on the base is aligned with the marker when you switch between static and spin modes. This is because if you tighten the screws over them, it will wear down the threads of the height adjustable screw inside the pole prematurely.


The pole requires a ceiling height between 7’4’ and 9’

The pole comes in 40mm, 45mm, and 50mm sized diameters and is available in chrome, brass, stainless steel, titanium gold, silicone, and powder-coated finishes. It weighs 20 KG

Where to Buy The X-Pole XPERT Pro?

We recommended buying the pole from X-pole’s official website or through amazon who are distributors of X-pole.

We always ask our readers to be careful of fakes if you are going to buy from market places like Craigslist, Facebook or eBay.


The X Pole XPERT is among the greatest poles on the market that suits both beginners and professionals. It is easy to install and set and is durable, the pole has made switching between static and spinning mode super easy as well. The pole is also featured in our list of best poles for home use!

I highly recommend this pole to anyone who’s looking for an affordable and stable pole to practice at home.