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X-Pole X Stage Vs X Stage Lite

x stage vs x stage lite

Can’t decide between the X stage and the X stage lite? Or just curious about the differences between the two? This post is for you! 

We’ll be covering both the differences and similarities of these two amazing high quality poles manufactured by X-Pole, the best dance pole makers in the world!

X Stage Vs X Stage Lite: Detailed Comparison

Both of these poles are durable, portable and super easy to install and transport plus they have the same main features like static and spinning modes, and are assembled in the same way. They even use the same floor plate and poles. 

However there are some differences between the two.

The main difference between X stage and X stage lite is that the X stage is heavier and more stable than the X stage lite. The X stage also has a taller podium than the X stage lite but the usable pole height is shorter.

X StageX Stage Lite
Heavier – 229 lbs20 lbs lighter 
Taller podiumShorter podium
Shorter usable pole heightTaller usable pole height
Stable A bit less stable
Better from a production standpointBetter from a pole dancers standpoint
3 caster case2 caster case

Let’s now take a look at these and a few others in greater detail:

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The weight is the most significant difference between these two poles. The X Stage is 20 pounds heavier than the X Stage Lite, they have trimmed down the lite a lot and it is leaner and more compact.

The X Stage weighs 229lbs and the X Stage Lite weighs only 209lbs. Still both of these are heavy compared to most other poles.

If you plan on traveling with the pole a lot, the x stage lite would be the better choice.


Both the X Stage and X Stage Lite have similar prices, ranging from $780 to $900.

The exact price depends on the chosen finish, however the brass and silicone finishes tend to be more expensive than other finishes. 


Both the poles have a height of 3 meters but the base or podium height and the usable pole height is different. The X Stage has a podium height of 13 inches (320 mm) and the X stage lite podium is only 4 inches (110 mm). 

That gives x stage a usable pole height of 2.68 meters and the x stage site has 2.89 meters of usable pole height. 

x stage podium taller

Both of these require a minimum ceiling height of 3.2 meters (10 feet 6 inches) to step up. And because the x stage podium is higher, they provide a side skate.


People seem to find the X stage more stable than the X stage lite. This is probably because of the shorter podium of the x stage lite. 

But still it is very sturdy and will not tip over and is perfectly safe even though it would wobble a bit like all other free standing poles.


Some people claim that they get less grip on the x stage lite compared to the x stage even though they are made from the same materials and finish. So this might not be entirely true but we decided to list it down to give you a fuller view. 

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Style and Design

In my opinion, I think the x stage lite looks better and more stylish than the original x stage. 

However because the podium height of the x stage lite is shorter, the dancer could go a lot lower and if this was a performance most people in the backseats will not be able to see the dancer. So from a production viewpoint the x stage is more preferable because of the elevation it offers. 

But from a pole dancer’s viewpoint, transitions and floorwork are much easier because it is lower to the ground.

Stage Frame Cases

Another small difference is their cases, while the X stage lite has only two casters on the case, the X stage has three casters because it is heavier.


Both the x stage and x stage lite are available in 40mm and 45mm diameters and has these finishes:

  • Brass
  • Chrome
  • Powder Coat Black 
  • Powder Coat Pink
  • Powder Coat White
  • Silicone Black
  • Silicone Pink
  • Stainless Steel

Both the poles have a recommended dancer weight limit of 330 pounds. Take a look at our plus size pole dancing guide for some tips if you are overweight.


Well, there you have it! Our comparison of the X-Pole X Stage vs X Stage Lite. Both are great poles with all the same features and performance, plus they cost the same!   

But the X Stage Lite is the better choice if you’re going to be traveling with the pole a lot because it is lighter. And I think it would be more suitable for beginners as the podium is lower and floorwork is gonna be easier plus it has more usable pole length! 

Where do you stand with X Stage vs X Stage Lite? Do let us know down in the comments!

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